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Alessandro De Masi

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Alessandro De Masi

Alessandro De Masi is Adjunct Professor of Drawing Instruments and Techniques at the Department ABC, Milan Polytechnic – School of Design. He also teaches in the Academies of Fine Arts in Naples and Rome. He holds a Diploma of Architect, an MSc and a PhD for the SSD ICAR/17 - DISEGNO. He taught for the SSD ICAR/17 – DISEGNO in the Schools of Architecture (Milan Polytechnic, Naples, Trieste, Venice) and of Engineering (Trento, Padova, Bologna). He was appointed expert of the QSN 2007-2013, ICCD Communications and senior expert (2014-15) of the MiBAC. Since 2010 he is Editor-In-Chief, Editor Advisory Board, Associate Editor, member of the Editorial Board, Reviewer Committee of scientific journals. He is member of the Scientific Committees of the ICOMOS-ICIP (USA), WASET (USA), ATINER (Greece) and IEREK (Egypt) and member of Program Committees, Scientific Committees and Review of n. 1891 international conferences. He is the author of 76 scientific publications.