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Arts in Venice Summer School: The Shape of Water

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Arts in Venice Summer School: The Shape of Water

Quando: 1 al 12 luglio 2024.
Dove: Venezia, Italia
Scadenza: candidature 21 APRILE 2024
Costi di registrazione: 750€
Contatti: info@studyinvenice.it
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Arts in Venice Summer School ‘The Shape of Water’, è un progetto interateneo che offre a studentesse e studenti un programma multidisciplinare che si sviluppa nella città storica di Venezia e nella laguna circostante. La Summer School, concepita all'interno di Study in Venice - network costituito dalle quattro istituzioni di alta formazione di Venezia (Accademia di Belle Arti, Conservatorio di Musica Benedetto Marcello, Università Iuav e Università Ca' Foscari) - si rivolge a studenti di formazione umanistica con il desiderio di approfondire la propria conoscenza di una città unica e fragile come Venezia, e che siano interessati al mondo delle Arti, intese in senso ampio, dalla Musica all’Arte figurativa contemporanea, dall’Architettura alla Storia geo-antropologica. Il filo conduttore dell’edizione 2024 della Summer School sarà l’acqua, l’elemento chiave per decifrare la città lagunare.


Arts in Venice Summer School ‘The Shape of Water’

Arts in Venice Summer School ‘The Shape of Water’ is a unique inter-university project that offers students a multidisciplinary program in the historic city of Venice and in its surrounding lagoon. The Summer School, conceived within Study in Venice - a network made up of the four higher education institutions of Venice (Venice Academy of Fine Arts, Benedetto Marcello Music Conservatory, Iuav University and Ca' Foscari University) - aims to welcome students from the Humanities who want to better understand a unique and fragile city like Venice, and with an interest in Arts, meant in a broad sense, from Music to Contemporary Art, from Architecture to Geo-Anthropological History. The topic of the 2024 edition of the Summer School will be water, the key element to decipher the city built on the lagoon.

威尼斯艺术暑校“水的形状”是一个跨院校和跨学科项目,在古城威尼斯及其周边的潟湖地区 为学生提供独一无二的体验。暑校在 Study in Venice 威尼斯高校联盟框架下组织,由威尼斯 当地四所高等教育机构(威尼斯美术学院、威尼斯音乐学院、威尼斯建筑大学和威尼斯大学) 共同发起,面向全球人文学科的学生。暑校帮助学生在传统和当代艺术、音乐、建筑、地理、 人类学历史等方面,更好地了解威尼斯这样一个独特而脆弱的城市。2024 年暑校的主题将是 水,这是解读这座建立在泻湖上的城市的关键元素。

Programme overview

Venice is a gauge whereby to measure the problems involved when building a global future capable of combining liveability and beauty and the relevant solutions, which is why Study in Venice has chosen to offer a Summer School which focuses on the lagoon city.As a candidate for World Capital of Sustainability, Venice boasts a unique artistic, musical and urban heritage and a major international role as a center for the promotion and dissemination of contemporary art and culture. Its dimension as a globally interconnected microcosm, the complexity of the lagoon ecosystem – which is threatened by climate change –, the socio-economic problems linked to tourist flows and their impact on urban liveability, and above all its 'liquid' nature as a city founded on and influenced by water, make the city of Venice a fascinating case study that offers those who live there and study it the measure of the paradoxes and contemporary difficulties inherent in the search for cultural, ecological and social models.

威尼斯是一个标尺,用它可以衡量未来全球建设所涉及到的所有问题。未来的建设必须将宜居 性和美观性结合起来,求出最佳方案。因此,Study in Venice 威尼斯高校联盟将这座潟湖城 市作为本期暑校的讨论对象。 作为世界可持续发展之都的候选城市,威尼斯拥有独特的艺术、音乐和城市遗产,在当代艺术 和文化推广与传播方面,也占据着国际中心地位。 作为一个在全球范围内相互连接的微观世界,威尼斯泻湖的生态系统始终受气候变化所威胁, 同时游客数量也引起一系列社会经济问题。这些综合因素对城市宜居性的造成了复杂的影响, 加上其建立在水上并受水影响的“液态”城市的属性,使威尼斯成为一个引人入胜的研究案 例,为生活在这里并研究它的人们提供了衡量文化、生态和社会模式中困难和悖论的工具。

The project: multidisciplinarity, workshops and international atmosphere

THE SHAPE OF WATER is an experimental, multidisciplinary training project that aims at welcoming diverse students from all over the world who wish to experience Venice together in order to draw inspiration from it and build an original narrative vision of the lagoon city. Students will be guided by professors from the four partner institutions on a journey combining the hands-on exploration of the city with guided tours and university lectures on Archaeology, Architecture, Art and Music History, Performing Arts and Environmental Science.
All participants will attend workshops to combine the skills acquired during the lectures and field study activities into an artistic performance or artifact. At the end of the Summer School, students are expected to work on a final project according to their academic backgrounds and personal interests, which will let them develop some of the inspirations they got during the two-week program.
Masterclasses for musicians will be held also with internationally renowned artists and concert opportunities in Venice will be provided for the most outstanding participating music students.

“水的形状”是一个实验性的、跨学科的培养项目,欢迎来自世界各地的有着不同文化背景的 学生一起体验威尼斯,并从中汲取灵感,构建对泻湖城市的独特叙事视角。 学生将由四个合作院校的教授共同指导,结合考古学、建筑学、艺术与音乐史、表演艺术和环 境科学等学科的讲座和游览来探索这座城市。学员们将以工作坊的形式,将在讲座和实地研究活动中获得的技能结合起来,以艺术表演或艺 术作品的形式来呈现。暑校结束时,学生将从自己的学术背景和个人兴趣出发,结合两周的课 程中所获取的灵感,完成结业作品。 音乐大师课程将由国际知名艺术家来主持,并为最杰出的音乐生学员提供在威尼斯演出的机 会。

Teaching Committee
Maddalena Bassani (Iuav University of Venice)
Cecilia Franchini (Benedetto Marcello Music Conservatory)
Stefano Riccioni (Ca' Foscari University of Venice)
Giuliano Sergio (Academy of Fine Arts of Venice)

Programme Director
Stefano Riccioni (Ca' Foscari University of Venice)

All lessons and activities take place in the four institutions and around the city.

February 29 - April 21, 2024

Email: info@studyinvenice.it

玛达莱娜·巴萨尼(Maddalena Bassani,威尼斯建筑大学)
塞西莉亚·弗兰基尼(Cecilia Franchini,威尼斯音乐学院)
斯特凡诺·里奇奥尼(Stefano Riccioni,威尼斯大学)
朱利亚诺·塞尔吉奥(Giuliano Sergio,威尼斯美术学院)

斯特凡诺·里奇奥尼(Stefano Riccioni,威尼斯大学)


2024 年2 月 29 日至4 月 21 日